Easter is the perfect occasion to sparkle. It’s a holiday that brings together family, friends, and a table full of delectable dishes. The festive nature of Easter calls for something bubbly to celebrate.

Sparkling rosé wines are the obvious choice to serve on the brunch table during Easter. Of course, their gorgeous pink colour is a natural addition to the springtime colour pallet. But the bubbly effervescence adds a celebratory tone, perfect for familial gatherings and the welcoming of warmer weather.

Above all, sparkling rosé wines are versatile and hold strong with flavour and structure alongside roasted veggies, fried food, and savoury meats. I’ve added a few Easter brunch dish ideas for each wine below. But truthfully, these wines can hold up to almost anything you choose.

Here are four bottles of beautiful bubbly rosé for your Easter brunch celebration. These bottles flaunt the unique nature and versatility of sparkling rosé wines worldwide.

*Please note prices vary depending on location and retailer. 

Josh Cellars Prosecco Rosé

Veneto, Italy, $20

josh cellars prosecco roséIn 2020, the Consorzio di Tutela della Denominazione di Origine Controllata Prosecco — the consortium of Prosecco producers — introduced a new official category. The creation of Prosecco Rosé DOC prompted a swath of pink prosecco on shelves across North America. Among them is this gem from California-based Josh Cellars.

The Italian Glera grape makes up the majority of this bubbly, with a small amount of Pinot Noir to introduce some colour and layers of red fruit flavour. It’s effortlessly crushable and perfect to start the Easter brunch celebration.

Pair it with a bacon and crab Benedict with a fresh tomato salad or as an aperitif with a grilled shrimp appetizer.

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Mission Hill Exhilarat!on Brut Rosé

Okanagan Valley, Canada, $40

Mission Hill Exhilarat!on Brut RoséHave you ever looked at a bottle and let out an audible gasp?

That’s precisely what I did when I saw the cut-out design of this gorgeous Okanagan bubbly produced by the renowned, award-winning Mission Hill Family Estate. Made from 100% Pinot Noir that was first planted in 1996 in Oliver, British Columbia, this Charmat-method expression sits at 11.5% ABV — perfect for brunch.

Pair it with a salmon leek frittata alongside melon and mint fruit salad.

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Covert Farms Sparkling Zinfandel 2020

Okanagan Valley, Canada, $30

Covert Farms Family Estate Sparkling Zinfandel 2020

Without a doubt, Covert Farms Family Estate is the cornerstone of regenerative farming in the Okanagan Valley. Based in Oliver, the Covert family has been farming for decades. Today, their estate vineyards create certified organic wines that are salmon-safe, vegan, and regeneratively farmed, helping ensure future generations’ success.

In addition to all their excellent work with the land, Gene and Shelly Covert are producing exceptional wines. This sparkling Zinfandel is made using the ancestral method. First, who even knew Zin was growing in the Okanagan? And second, ancestral method what? Many believe the winemaking process is the earliest form of making sparkling wine. It follows many similar steps as the traditional (or Champagne) method; however, it doesn’t see a tirage (the addition of sugar or yeast before fermentation) nor a dosage (a mixture of sugar and wine that’s added before the final cork). 

This bottle is a showstopper for its unique story, elevated flavours, and lingering appeal.

Serve up some seasonal fare for Easter brunch and pair this with a cheese and asparagus tart or spring radish salad. And remember to check out our full review of this wine


Billecart-Salmon Champagne Brut Rosé

Champagne, France, $125

Billecart-Salmon Champagne Brut RoséI know what you’re thinking; this price point is outside most people’s comfort zones. But I assure you, it’s completely worth it, especially for a family who hasn’t had a chance to gather in more than two years. Indulge and embrace the experience. 

Billecart-Salmon has been making Champagne for more than two hundred years. Family run since 1818, their primary focus for much of that history was the Brut expression. In the 1970s, rosé Champagne was trending, and Billecart-Salmon gave it a go. Today, this rendition is the brand’s flagship cuvée and is adored by sommeliers and Champagne lovers alike. 

Please read our full review and then grab a bottle. It’s one of the best sparkling rosé wines you will ever have the pleasure of tasting. Try a lemon and ricotta pancake or a savoury potato waffle topped with smoked salmon to pair alongside this favourite.