Writing & Editing Services

With two decades of wine marketing and journalism experience, Nicole offers professional writing and editing services tailored for the beverage, food, and travel industries. She knows when to use “flavour” instead of “flavor” and when to cite references instead of merely providing an external link.

Engaging storytelling is her passion, but her meticulous type-A personality — the side that loves fact-checking and grammar — sets her apart. Not to mention her desire for connection; she loves collaborating, mentoring, and brainstorming to bring the written word to a new level.

writing and editing services

Nicole offers professional editorial services for individuals seeking personalized assistance; she’s dedicated to preserving the original author’s voice and turning a great idea into well-written content, no matter the scope or scale. She also helps brands and businesses fill gaps in their blog writing, newsletters, or brand story development.

Whether you’re an author needing the finishing touches put on an article, a magazine needing an editor or SEO optimization, or a company needing overflow assistance, Nicole’s online writing and editing services offer precision and excellence.


Proofreading, editing, and fact-checking services — focusing on tone, clarity, and flow — for individuals, publications, PR content, and more. Proofreading is critical before publication; our services fully prepare your article, book, or copy.

Engaging copy for websites, press releases, and newsletters focusing on SEO, clickability, and open rates — well-researched content written through a storytelling lens for blogs, brands, and beyond.

Thoroughly researched articles for print and digital publications, ranging from vineyard deep dives to winemaking heritage and culinary connections to immersive travel journalism.

Ready for “spill-free” written content?