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    What It Means To Be A Single Vineyard Wine

    I admittedly look for words like ‘reserve’ or ‘estate’ on the label when buying a bottle of wine. However when looking for a quality bottle, another label moniker to seek is ‘single vineyard.’ When I first started researching single vineyard wines, I found the term somewhat dizzying. If a wine comes from one winery, doesn’t that mean it’s a single vineyard? Actually no, it doesn’t. SINGLE VINEYARD 101 Wineries have many vineyards and those different vineyards can grow the same grape varietals. That means that their bottles of wine can contain the grapes from various vineyards on the same or…

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    36 Things About Me On My Birthday

    This weekend I turned 36 years old. These 36 things about me will help you get to know me and my wine-loving self a little better! If you asked me at any point in my life if I’m doing what…

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    Gamay is finding a home in BC #gogamaygo

    I always try to personalize wine; it helps give a sense of understanding. For instance, let’s say Pinot Noir is your solid BFF. It’s distinct, reliable in a pinch and there’s never a doubt you’ll create many memories together. But…

  • Robert Mondavi Winery Seminar @ VIWF

    Robert Mondavi Winery at Van Wine Fest

    A few months back I sat in on seminar during the Vancouver International Wine Festival. It wasn’t just any seminar, it was a dive into Robert Mondavi, his path to wine, a peek at his family life and of course…

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    Gorgeous and Crushable Rosés

    In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s rosé season! Some eager beavers like to welcome the pink drink when they swap out their winter coats for more spring-like attire. In BC, that can be as early as March!…

  • Rocim Amphora

    Wines of Portugal: Blended Highlights

    Earlier in April, Wines of Portugal hosted a tasting at the Coast Hotel in Downtown Vancouver. Envision a big, glamorous ballroom with a perimeter of tables, filled with wine made from grapes indigenous to Portugal. Some I knew but still…

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    Spring Picnic Picks

    Depending on which circles you run in, generally speaking, public consumption is frowned upon. The one caveat is when you pack a picnic basket full of delicious bread, cheese and cured meats – then all of a sudden packing a…

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    Vegan Wine & Easter Dinner

    Easter is right around the corner and a plant-based diet is trending. According to Forbes.com, 25% of 25-34 year olds in the United States cite themselves as vegans or vegetarians. So we’re exploring Vegan Wine & Easter dinner options from some of…