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    Portugal’s Wine Identity Through Heritage & History

    Map of Portugal

    Admittedly, I know a lot more about the wine industry in Portugal than I do about the country itself. I shared a few tidbits earlier this year following a Wines of Portugal showcase in Vancouver. A quick Google search told me that its coastline sees some of the biggest waves in the world – up to 100 feet! I also learned that Portugal is one of Europe’s oldest countries with 700 years of (nearly) unchanged borders. And aside from Port, its most famous export is Christian Ronaldo. Not surprisingly, these things (except the soccer superstar) play a big role in…

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    Telmo Rodriguez’s Spanish Wine Landscape

    In 1994, gastronomy in Spain consisted of paella and sangria; One food and one drink known the world over as ‘Spanish’. In that same year, Telmo Rodriguez began traveling across the country in search of workable vineyards to create a…

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    O’Rourke’s Peak Cellars is Moving Mountains

    It seems that authenticity and boutique-style experiences are trending. Wineries are giving visitors unique and personalized tours or the taste of one-off samples of experimental wines in order to be memorable. However, these experiences translate to visitors in vastly different…

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    36 Things About Me On My Birthday

    This weekend I turned 36 years old. These 36 things about me will help you get to know me and my wine-loving self a little better! If you asked me at any point in my life if I’m doing what…

  • Rust Wine Co. Gamay

    Gamay is finding a home in BC #gogamaygo

    I always try to personalize wine; it helps give a sense of understanding. For instance, let’s say Pinot Noir is your solid BFF. It’s distinct, reliable in a pinch and there’s never a doubt you’ll create many memories together. But…

  • Robert Mondavi Winery Seminar @ VIWF

    Robert Mondavi Winery at Van Wine Fest

    A few months back I sat in on seminar during the Vancouver International Wine Festival. It wasn’t just any seminar, it was a dive into Robert Mondavi, his path to wine, a peek at his family life and of course…