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    How I Became A Wine Writer & Consultant

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    It’s not very often that I get personal on here, mostly because I know you’re here for the wine! But considering the last time I shared anything about me was nearly a year ago (36 Things About Me On My Birthday), I figure it’s a good time to tell you how I became a wine writer & consultant. How It All Started In 2004, I was doing my BCIT Broadcasting practicum in Kelowna and needed a part-time job. Being in the Okanagan, I applied to all the golf courses and all of the wineries. My fate was sealed when Quail’s…

  • Sauvignon Blanc Day May 1st

    Sauvignon Blanc: Fact or Myth

    Fact: Sauvignon Blanc tastes better when you drink it outside. It’s impossible to dispute so it must be true, right? Last weekend, the last of the snow finally melted in Calgary so we washed our deck and have been enjoying…

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    Malbec World Day Top Picks

    Malbec World Day is this Friday, April 17th. Grammatically, this day drives me crazy (can we call it World Malbec Day instead?) But from a wine perspective, I love that the focus of this annual celebration is squarely on Argentinian…

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    Choose Your Own Wine Adventure: Self-Isolation

    We’re living in unprecedented times. We’re avoiding large gatherings and maintaining social distancing. Essentially, we’re confining ourselves in our homes for as many hours of the day as possible. Most of us are doing so willingly for the greater good…

  • Photo from GC.com credit to: Ekaterina Molchanova

    BC Wine: 2020 Spring Release Guide

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a one-stop guide for all of your British Columbia wine needs? Sure, there’s social media (did I see that riesling release on an Insta story or was it a post?) or e-newsletters (why did…

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    Primo Pinot Noir: 5 Under $25

    I’ve had some great feedback on a couple of articles lately that highlight quality bottles under $25. First, my published piece for TASTE Magazine called Top Tier Cabs Under $25. Then, Global Chardonnays: 5 Under $25. Today, we’re taking a look…

  • Kirkland Gigondas

    Costco Wine Buyers’ Guide

    I never thought I’d say this, but daaaaayum Costco, I’m impressed! Before researching this article, I’d never stepped foot in a Costco liquor store. Erin had written about Costco in her Calgary Wine Buyers’ Guide a couple of years ago.…

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    Global Chardonnays: 5 Under $25

    I had an article published recently for TASTE Magazine called Top Tier Cabs Under $25. Apparently that price point is a sweet spot because I got requests to continue the theme! Today, we’re taking a look at chardonnays under $25…