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    Sip Like A Celeb for the Oscars

    I love movies, like LOVE movies. I’m fascinated by the way you can remove yourself from reality and be immersed in a story. My adoration for all things film includes celebrities. And there are a lot of celebrities involved in…


    Rousing Roussillon

    Given our proximity to BC wines, it’s easy to get in a purchasing rut. Can I have the latest Chenin Blanc from Quail’s Gate? Yes please! The Old Vines Riesling from Tantalus? Let me get my glass! But what about…

  • Felicette - Valentine's Day wine

    Lighten Up Valentine’s Day

    The pressure surrounding Valentine’s Day is atrocious. From newly dating to newlywed, the ambiguity and grey area attributed to the ‘rules’ of V-Day make my heart rate spike just thinking about it. Presents: yay or nay? Dinner: in or out?…

  • Authentic Wine Bloggers - Deborah Murray

    Fave 5: Authentic Wine Bloggers

    If you’re on Instagram, you know it’s a beast. It’s designed to make you yearn for items, feelings and experiences. Whether it’s a sweater worn by a lifestyle influencer, a vacation that your co-worker is chronicling, or a glass of…

  • Thorn Clarke Terra Barossa Shiraz
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    The King of Barossa – Shiraz!

    It seems a lot of the major wine regions begin with the letter B: Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Brunello and Barolo. I’ve got another one to add to the list: Barossa. Is that in France? No. Barossa Valley is located in Southern Australia,…