I love movies, like LOVE movies. I’m fascinated by the way you can remove yourself from reality and be immersed in a story. My adoration for all things film includes celebrities. And there are a lot of celebrities involved in the wine industry. Since the Oscars are this weekend, let’s highlight some celebrity wines that could make your final cut.

Drew Barrymore and Carmel Road Winery

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Drew Barrymore - Celebrity Wines

When I heard Drew Barrymore’s name associated with wine I needed to know more. The winery she works with is Carmel Road in Monterey, California and basically sounds like the stuff of winery dreams. They have a gorgeous vineyard and the surrounding scenery is a mix of ocean and rugged terrain. Their strict sustainability practices has led awards from SIP (Sustainability in Practice) and CCSW (Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing). Drew was introduced to their winemaker, Kris Kato, after she had been studying wine in Italy.

Her original intention was to make Pinot Grigio, as that was what she was studying. Carmel Road obliged and she has worked closely with Kris to develop a Pinot Grigio as well as a Pinot Noir and a Rosé. All three wines have excellent reviews from a large number of critics.  

Jason Priestley and Black Hills Estate Winery

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Jason Priestley - Celebrity Wines

I am a child of the ’90s and as such, I grew up watching Beverly Hills 90210.  As everyone knows, Jason Priestly rocketed to fame as Brandon Walsh on the show. Something you may not know is he is co-owner at Black Hills Estate Winery, located just north of Osoyoos, BC. He’s also one of the hosts of Hollywood and Vines TV.

At the beginning, his involvement was in their day to day operations. That’s decreased lately as he is still directing, acting and hosting Hollywood and Vines with Terry David Mulligan. His love for wine began while on 90210 and has never wavered. Once, he even paid $8,000 for a case at auction!

Black Hills is known for its Bordeaux style. Their signature wine is Note Bene and it is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Pretty much all of their current vintages have awards attached to them, speaking to their high quality. I’m particularly interested in their Roussanne. It’s rare to see a BC winery bottling it as a single varietal. These wines are easily accessible straight from the winery (if you live in Canada) and can be found in stores in both BC and Alberta.

I’m particularly interested in their Roussanne. It’s rare to see a BC winery bottling it as a single varietal. It sells for $29.90 on the website and though I know it’s not best to judge a wine by its price, the higher price point on a white wine definitely piqued my interest. These wines are easily accessible straight from the winery (if you live in Canada) and there are places in both BC and Alberta that sell them.

Francis Ford Coppola and Rubicon Estate Winery/Inglenook

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Francis Ford Coppola - Celebrity Wines

I am sure anyone reading this knows Francis Ford Coppola, and likely knows he owns a winery, actually two now. He and his wife bought their original winery property in 1975 as a summer house for themselves and their kids. He purchased it with the money earned from The Godfather. They called it Rubicon Estate Winery and this was the namesake until 2011 when they decided to change gears and restore the estate to its original name of Inglenook, the name which the original owner gave it in 1879.

With this change, the Coppola’s wanted to bring the historic nature and storied past of the winery back to Rutherford, California.

Once the family had renamed Inglenook, it seemed as though they needed a less historic place to continue to grow their Coppola brand. Enter the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, built in Sonoma County. This winery began in 2006, and was intended to house their Diamond Collection wines. Over the next few years, the winery grew and underwent a massive transformation. It’s now includes two restaurants, tasting rooms, a pool, bocce courts and is a place that families are encouraged to come and gather for good food and wine.

Final Notes on Celebrity Wines

If I was going all in on an Oscar party, which I’m not since it’s a Sunday and I have two small kids who get up before the rooster crows, I would go with the Director’s Cut series of wines. Corey Beck is their winemaker and these wines are his vision of what Sonoma wine represents. There is a grape for everyone, too, from Zinfandel to Chardonnay and obviously Cabernet Sauvignon. If you visit their website and click on this series of wine, the list of awards and accolades is longer than a thank-you speech at the Oscars.

So sit back, uncork that wine and enjoy all the glitz and glam of both the Oscars and these celebrity wines. I would like to thank the Academy for PVR because I will likely get to watch the show next week when my toddler is in daycare and the baby is napping.