City: Kelowna. The night: free from kids. The occasion: our anniversary. My husband and I noticed Salt & Brick while walking along Bernard Street to our initial intended dinner destination. The door propped open and the décor inviting, with floral print on the wall reminiscent of my grandmother’s teacup pattern. Charming. So we walked in and asked to see a menu. Farm to table shared plates, based on what’s in season and what the chef can source nearby. It sounded amazing, so we decided to stay and indulge.

Course 1: Brie & Bread with a Honey & Chilli Pepper drizzle

Most of the time, being gluten-free is tolerable, and sometimes it’s downright inconvenient. But Salt & Brick prevailed! Instead of serving me bread with this dish, our wonderful hostess asked a staff member to go to the market next door and buy an apple. Brie & apple? Yes please! Customer Service: Gold Star! The dish had beautiful presentation with the perfect amount of chilli pepper to punch up the creamy cheese. Unfortunately, we ate it too fast to get a picture. Sorry!

Course 2: Risotto & Lobster Mushroom (Paired with a glass of Gamay from Rust Winery)

The mushroom was unlike anything I’d ever seen or tasted. It was meaty and flavourful and so peculiar looking. The Rust Gamay was a lucky pairing. The mid-weight body helped carry the flavours of the risotto. The dominant black cherry on the palate was highlighted and impeciably balanced with the acidity.

Salt & Brick - Risotto & Lobster Mushroom

Course 3: Carrots

Aside from seasoning and garnish, carrots were the only ingredient on the plate and it was perfect. So simple, yet so beautiful and authentic.

Salt & Brick - Carrots

At this point, we’re almost 2 hours in and having a fabulous time. So the waitress oh-so-generously offered for us to try a flight of Tantulus wines. Every month they feature a local winery and offer customers to try them. I hadn’t actually divulged what I do for a living. So when asked ‘do you like wine?’ I said ‘yes!’ and left it at that. So I sipped on the Tantalus Rosé, Riesling and Pinot Noir – wines I’d had many times before – and enjoyed our final course.

Course 4: Potatoes with Plums & Sausage

These are three things I would never think to put in a dish together. Chef James managed to make these three, somewhat basic ingredients, elevated and cohesive. It was creamy without being heavy and it was rustic yet elegant at the same time.

Salt & Brick - Potatoes with Plums & Sausage

Overall, the experience was unforgettable. Salt & Brick offers a style of service I’d never had before. Plus, the ambience, staff and food & drink offerings are unmatchable. 

Thank you Salt & Brick for an amazing culinary journey.