Social Sips reviews wines on an ongoing basis. Our goal is to provide clear and reliable information for consumers’ day-to-day buying and drinking habits. 

Tastings for reviews are not conducted blind. We believe in purposefully tasting all products as our readers typically would, with full knowledge of the producer, the region, and the price.

While Social Sips has industry partners and advertisers, they in no way dictate our content. Content that has been paid or compensated for will always be clearly labelled as sponsored content. 

If you choose to send your wine or any other product, we cannot guarantee inclusion in a published review. However, we always strive to include it on one of our platforms, whether it’s an InstaStory, Instagram post or feature on our blog.

Where To Send Samples

Please send your sample(s) for consideration to:

      Social Sips Product Reviews
      105 Hampstead Place, NW
      Calgary, Alberta
      T3A 5J3

No signature is required. If no one is at the home office to accept, deliveries can be confidently left in the covered front entryway. 


For questions regarding samples and reviews, please contact nicole@socialsips.ca