Cellar Management


Are you looking to start a wine collection, or need help maintaining what you already have? Our wine cellar management programs are uniquely curated for local clients in Calgary, Alberta. I’m also proud to provide virtual services to clients across North America.

I make sure each collar package focuses on your tastes and includes options for both everyday enjoyment and long-term investments.

wine collection


  • One-Time Cellar Curation (option 1 – up to 100 bottles)
  • One-Time Cellar Curation (options 2 – up to 500 bottles)
  • Ongoing Cellar Management (unlimited bottles)

Each local package includes unlimited email access plus an in-person consultation to discuss your wine preferences and cellar goals. I then source wines on your behalf and arrange for delivery to your home. Finally, I organize your cellar for accessibility and longevity and leave you with a dossier. Each dossier is specifically created for you and includes food pairing and drink by dates.


In an attempt to provide support across Canada and the United States, I’m happy to provide virtual buying services. I’ll work with your preferred local wine store or boutique to purchase a cellar collection suited to your tastes and have it delivered to your home.

As a cellar manager and wine buyer, I understand that everyone’s wine needs are unique. So, let me build a program that works best for you.

For more information on our wine cellar management programs or to request a quote, please email nicole@socialsips.ca.

Nicole Mackay - cellar management