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Root Days vs. Fruit Days and Biodynamic Wine

Does wine really taste better on certain days of the week? We know the moon influences many events, from the tides to how well we sleep. But can it also make wine taste better? If you believe it can then consider purchasing biodynamic wine. Biodynamic vines are planted and harvested following the lunar calendar to ensure the best quality juice in every glass. 


The founder of Biodynamic planting and harvesting is Rudolph Steiner. He developed the practice of biodynamic agriculture in the 1920s for a group of farmers. Steiner’s methods originally focused on eliminating the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers in farming. However, it easily adapted to vineyard agricultural practices as well. Biodynamic vineyards are treated as a self-sustaining living organism. The vineyard’s fertilizer comes from their own compost. They don’t use chemical pesticides and they plant and harvest based on the lunar cycle. 


A woman named Maria Thun, who is also a biodynamic farmer, further developed the idea and applied it to drinking wine as well. She used her knowledge to develop the theory that wine can taste more favourable on certain days. The first edition of her book, When Wine Tastes Best: A Biodynamic Calendar for Wine Drinkers came out in 2010. It claims that wine tastes better on days determined as Fruit and Flower days and worse on Leaf and Root days. There is a lot of research on this concept, with not a lot of conclusive information, but I think it’s always a fun time ‘nerding’ on wine info.

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The 4 categories are: Fruit, Flower, Leaf, and Root. Fruit days favour red wine with the claim that ripe red fruits will taste more full on these days. Flower days are for white wine as you will be able to taste the crisp, floral flavours better than on any other day. It’s not to say that you can’t or shouldn’t drink wine on leaf or root days, but likely you will get a more flat flavour.

I like the idea of different wines tasting better on certain days. If you’re looking for a resource, download an App called When Wine. It’s essentially a condensed version of the When Wine Tastes Best book and will tell you which days are ideal for drinking. I plan to use it as a guide to help me choose between a red or white on a given day. It’s amazing that something like wine, which has been around for centuries, can still have new concepts applied. Wine: there’s an App for that!

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