I haven’t seen a Game of Thrones episode since somewhere in the third season. We don’t have HBO and downloading the episodes became a hassle, my husband and I kind of forgot about it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved watching it; I used to work in the film industry and every week’s episode blew my mind, knowing how much money, time and how many people it took to pull off. It was like watching a feature film every Sunday, with a budget that matched. Nevertheless, when I heard there was a Game of Thrones beer, you bet I bought it. And now, low and behold, there are Game of Thrones wines! 

Wine that captures the GOT Drama

Game of Thrones Red

In Alberta, only the Chardonnay and Red Blend are available. Each bottle is $30.49, which is more than I would normally pay for wine, but in the name of research, how could I resist? Bob Cabral, an award-winning California winemaker, who happens to be a huge Game of Thrones fan, is the creator of the wines.  Each wine is made with the Seven Kingdoms in mind and as Cabral said in a statement they ‘capture the complexity of the drama’.

The 8 Varietal Red

I started out with the Red Blend, which is from Paso Robles, California and is a combination of eight varietals. The three most prominent grapes are Syrah, Tempranillo and Petite Sirah, all of which I am a fan of. I was expecting a nice, full-bodied, dry red and that is exactly what I got. The first scent you get from it is an elegant light spice. There are definite sweeter notes as it breathes and you let it settle on your palate. I tasted vanilla and cocoa flavours on the finish. It is a bold red, with long legs in the glass making it nice and chewy.

The Buttery Chard

Game of Thrones Chardonnay

The Chardonnay is from the Central Coast of California and has about 10% Riesling in it as well. Chardonnay is not my preferred white varietal. I used to love a good, buttery Chardonnay. But somewhere along the line I began to enjoy much lighter whites and much heavier reds. At $30+, I hoped that it would knock my socks off and this wine did not disappoint. It was smooth and soft, with the flavours of stone fruit and lemon, giving it a touch of acidity. It was buttery like a great Chardonnay should be, but not too overpowering, and with a hint of oak at the end. I sipped on this one on a hot Friday night out on our patio. Maybe I am moving back to my Chardonnay days, I just had to find the new right one for me.

In All…

These wines are not a gimmicky item being sold to entice more viewers to GOT. These wines are a great complement to watching the show, the bottles are beautiful, adorned in gold labeling representing the Houses of Lannister (Chardonnay), Targaryen (Red Blend) and Stark (Cabernet Sauvignon) and the juices are worth the money. You will not be disappointed, even if you aren’t quite caught up on the show.