So I’ve had this blog post drafted for awhile but haven’t been able to muster the energy or inspiration to finish it. I had a theme in mind (new beginnings) and I had a wine to review (Bernard Defaix Chablis) but I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it.

I love writing – and sometimes it comes easy but sometimes it doesn’t. In this instance, I just felt like I was trying to create something out of nothing.

In a way, it relates to the challenge in front of me. Now that I’m a full-time blogger I need to learn how to create my own inspiration because articles don’t write themselves!

Wait, what?

“So wait….You’re a full time mommy/blogger now?” you ask? Yes I am.  My year long maternity leave has expired and I decided not to return to my regular 9-5 job. The decision was not made lightly which only elevates the intensity of the change to our daily lives. While the notion of our new life is intimidating, new ventures and habits are necessary to grow and learn.
So how does this relate to wine? Good question. 

Bernard Defaix Chablis
Bernard Defaix Chablis

This is where I start talking about wine, finally!

We all tend to reach for our favorite go-to bottles at the store, especially when we’re in a pinch. But when Warren at Liberty Wine Merchants told me about Bernard Defaix Chablis, a new un-Oaked Chardonnay that had just come in. I was intrigued. Now I’m not normally a Chardonnay fan, mainly because I find the overly oaked  California-style chards less than pleasing. So, un-oaked? Bring it! This particular one is from Chablis in France. Pronounced ‘sha-blee’, if you ever see one on the store shelf know that it is always a Chardonnay. Sometimes you might find one that is aged a short time in oak, but most are aged in stainless steel. Upon tasting, I garnered a new appreciation for the natural flavours of the grape. It was light and fresh yet complex enough to help compliment my meal. I happened to pair with a Thai chili tofu stir-fry. It was a delightful duo!

Bernard Defaix Chablis & Tofu Stir Fry

Here come the lofty dreams of being a wine writer with kids

After reading a bit about the winery’s history, I was instantly enamoured and transported to north-central France. Maybe one day when S & Z are older we will visit the Bernard Defaix vineyard and walk amongst the vines. Who am I kidding, I dream about that with every wine I drink!

My point is, try something new. Whether it’s being a stay at home mom, or trying a new bottle of wine, there is no doubt that growing and learning will occur. You just have to take a moment to let it sink in and appreciate the good in it. And if by chance there’s a day that is particularly challenging with not much of a silver lining around any of the clouds above you, just drink the wine and enjoy it!